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About our boat covers

Boat Types

From a 12-foot fishing boat to a 54-foot yacht, we’ve done it all. Although we can create a custom cover for any boat size and shape, these are the most popular cover types:






Center Consoles

Our Quality

What Sets Us Apart

We Are The Original

After being in the marine upholstery business for 13 years, Ron Branam decided it was time to make the first completely custom automatic boat cover. And that’s how it all began. Over the past seven years, our team has made more than 1,000 custom covers for lake lovers all over Oklahoma and the surrounding areas.

Our Quality

Our covers are measured by hand, sewn by hand, and installed by our experienced staff. From the thread to the hardware and Sunbrella® fabric, our materials are high-quality, durable and will stand up to the test of time. There’s also little to no maintenance required after we install your cover, so lake time is your time.

Complete Protection

Our covers contour to the shape of your boat, so it’s completely protected from the sun, rain, bugs, pollen, dirt, and all the other things you don’t want touching it. We also have proprietary features in our frames that hold the cover in place without ropes or sandbags. Simply put – your cover can’t hurt your boat, and your boat can’t hurt your cover.


We use our 20+ years of experience, and take every factor into consideration before making your custom cover. Your boat type, dock, location, exposure to the wind, wave action etc. all matters. Oklahoma weather is no surprise to us, and we will make sure your cover is ready to withstand whatever may come your way.
Our Testimonials

What Our Clients Have To Say

“I love my boat cover! Great quality and good looks. I use my boat more since it is so easy to uncover and recover- literally the push of a button. It’s worth every penny.”

Judy Hall
Harris Flotebote 240, The Coves on Duck Creek

“Ron Branam’s drop-down covers are simply the best. Less than 10 seconds to cover or uncover and your boat is completely protected. Years of experience with Ron has shown that his products stand up to the test of time. Great investment!”

Bob Green
Arrowhead Boat Sales

“We absolutely love our new Branam Up automated cover from Ron. It is so easy and fast to use. We have ended up using our boat more because we don’t have to fight with covering and uncovering the boat. It literally only takes seconds and is effortless.”

Bill Barnes
Cobalt A28, The Coves at Duck Creek